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28 June 2012

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Wishing list
22 May 2012

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Back to the Sky
26 January 2012

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Old Year . Rabbit's Year
22 January 2012

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Very Sexy
20 January 2012

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Under the bridge
19 January 2012

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16 January 2012

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15 January 2012

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12.01.2012 @ 12:12 pm
12 January 2012

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29 turning 30
11 January 2012

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Numbers of Via Spartaco
7 January 2012

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Eternal Soul
6 October 2011

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A Lifetime Together
4 October 2011

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A life to remember
1 October 2011

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A piece of God
26 September 2011

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A piece of God
25 September 2011

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Romantic Blue .
9 August 2011

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Light my fire
7 February 2011

Recent Comments

wma on Closeness
Te puedo leer, te puedo ver, te puedo sentir… y te leo lindo, te veo preciosa y te siento deliciosa...

Nitin on Closeness
View from the window. Nostalgic times. Back with loved ones. Great picture and story!

DIN on Closeness
un fan added to your list.

rosa on Closeness
You are back! Thanks!

omid on Closeness
so beautiful! Lovely!

Nitin on Wishing list
An incredibly breathtaking picture with incredible colors. The light on the horizon is one of hope - this light never ...

omid on Wishing list
very nice! so beautiful colors & lights!

Nitin on Back to the Sky
wonderful composition, tones and picture..

Nitin on Back to the Sky
superb! love the patterns of the smoke!

Nitin on Back to the Sky
A superb timeless piece of photography. Like the war scenes. Been a long time I know - but your pictures are timeless ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Back to the Sky
Seldom see this over London Heathrow outside my office windows here !

Ronnie 2¢ on Back to the Sky
Ahhh . . if only it felt like this today !

Ronnie 2¢ on New Year . Dragon's Year
Winter, maybe, but I still feel the warmth. Live long.

Nitin on A mirror on the skies
A beautiful shot - a great setting. You're right - it does say a lot of things. For one - just be calm as the seas ...

Soheil on A mirror on the skies
nice shot i like it

omid on A mirror on the skies

Ronnie 2¢ on A mirror on the skies
A shot to dream by - there is hope and threat swirling together . . as they always do. always will.

Soheil on Under the bridge
nice shot i like it

Ana Lúcia on Under the bridge
Stunning, superb perspective and excellent choice of view point ... excellent work.

AG on Under the bridge
wow . . this is so similar to [url= ]a shot I took a few weeks ...

Sylvie49 capture image on Under the bridge
Belle réussite.

Ronnie 2¢ on The One
I always find swans to be poor communicators - never quite know what they are thinking other than that they are ...

Ronnie 2¢ on 12.01.2012 @ 12:12 pm
Well, that video had me in tears - happy tears, that is ! Thanks for the sharing.

Dokmateo on I'm so ready to fly
A very peaceful and serene composition! Great shot! Two thumbs up!

cassiel on I'm so ready to fly
Great and beauty capture. Felicidades!

omid on I'm so ready to fly
very nice & beauty!!!!!

jay on I'm so ready to fly
So Beautiful......

omid on 29 turning 30

omid on My world
very nice! Lovely! :)

jay on My world
Lovely Shot....Mischevious & Innocent !!!

Baldwin VW on From our garden, to you ...
Looks like a papaya tree. Amazing sunset, wonderful sky colors

klausZ on From our garden, to you ...
wonderful sillhouette and great colors!!!

L'Angevine on Above me
mais que ce cache derrière cette végétation????

L'Angevine on Numbers of Via Spartaco
depuis hier,je ne vois que ce nbr 7,je me demande finalement si je ne devrais pas jouer ce chiffre au loto

Nitin on Talking Benches
Happy New Year Lili. Everywhere you go you will see benches and chairs - you just have to decide which one you are ...

omid on Bring them All

Curly on One day at a time
Very nicely done, quite touching. Happy New Year to you.

Curly on Bring them All
Wonderful creative way to make use of a mirror! :-)

Laura on Another Day . . .
Photo took at worksite of the Prudencia Hydropower Plant on Chiriqui, Panama. Amanzing sunsets in this place, even ...

Nitin on L'Ombellico del Mondo
PS Long

Ralf Kesper on L'Ombellico del Mondo

DarkElf on L'Ombellico del Mondo
great composition of this quite unforgiving looking landscape! interesting processing with minimal colour....

Ralf Kesper on L'Ombellico del Mondo
Excellent colors in this well made image.

DarkElf on Eternal Soul
excellent photo! great tones and fine composition!

Ralf Kesper on Eternal Soul

Dokmateo on Perle bis
Great shot. Great capture. Great tones. Great colors.

RBL on Cherie
Beautiful and sentimental b/w, great capture!

Curly on Fermé
Good light, tones, and atmosphere, feels more late at night after closing!

Magda on Magdis II
:p I'm sure we'll keep trying...

Magda on Senza
I have my breath away... This picture is so meaningful to me. Each detail; the moment, the argument, the white rose, ...

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